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Hemp Building Course with Steve Allin, September 12 – 15, 2011

June 24, 2011

Steve Allin is conducting a four–day hemp construction course in Kenmare Co Kerry, Ireland this September. Steve has enthusiastically pioneered the use of hemp in building in Ireland and internationally for the last 13 years, and is the author of Building with Hemp. He has also contributed articles to a variety of publications from the Green Building Bible to Cannabis Culture magazine.

Steve was a director of Hemp Ireland Ltd. (1998–2003) which was set up to research and develop a hemp processing facility in Ireland. The information gained from this helped in developing the plans for a truly sustainable industrial production of hemp on a local community level as a bio–regional approach to the production of basic ecologically appropriate food, biomass and building materials.

Currently the director of the International Hemp Building Association (IBHA), Steve Allin continues to act as an advisor for projects wishing to establish hemp processing facilities for hemp construction products.

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Manitoba Harvest Partners with Leading Food Broker Acosta to Streamline U.S. Distribution

June 9, 2011

Winnipeg, Manitoba – June 9, 2011 – Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils, a global leader inhemp foods, announced today an agreement with Acosta, Inc. (Acosta’s Natural Specialty Sales division) to become its primary food broker in the U.S. The Acosta team will work closely with Manitoba Harvest to provide sales representation and support for their growing U.S. business.

“Acosta is one of the largest food brokerages in the U.S. and is uniquely positioned in the natural specialty sales category,” said Mike Fata, CEO for Manitoba Harvest. “With an exceptionally knowledgeable sales staff and state–of–the–art technology support, Acosta will help get our products on more store shelves and share our story with many more consumers.”

Acosta is a full service broker specializing in a number of verticals, including natural, grocery, specialty and drug, and they represent the No. 1 or 2 brands across most product categories. Acosta’s focus for Manitoba Harvest will be on growing their existing customer base and uncovering new retail opportunities that complement its core products – shelled hemp seeds, Hemp Bliss Organic Hemp Beverage, hemp oil, hemp butter and hemp protein powders. Manitoba Harvest’s U.S. sales have grown 40–50% per year for the past three years. With Manitoba Harvest’s new U.S. sales team in place, a national broker network is a key piece in Manitoba Harvest’s continued growth in the U.S. market.

“Acosta’s Natural Specialty Sales division is excited to be working with Manitoba Harvest,” said Mike Anderson, President of Natural Specialty Sales at Acosta. “We’re eager to grow the network of a brand that places such high importance on offering nutritious foods and educating the public about healthy lifestyle choices. We believe the brand is well positioned in the natural foods category and poised to grow its market share.”

Manitoba Harvest began using Acosta as its primary U.S. broker beginning June 1.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils Earns Non–GMO Project Verification

June 1, 2011

Winnipeg, Manitoba – June 1, 2011 – Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils, a global leader inhemp foods, is today announcing that its entire line of products have earned the Non–GMO Project Verification, demonstrating continued commitment to creating the healthiest hemp foods and educating the public about healthy lifestyle choices.

“We’re proud to have earned Non–GMO Project Verification on our award–winning protein powders, seeds, hemp beverages, oils and butters,” said Mike Fata, Chief Executive Officer and Co–founder of Manitoba Harvest. “We’re committed to natural, healthy and sustainable foods, and providing consumers with nutritious products – free of GMOs – is an important part of that commitment.”

The Non–GMO Project is a non–profit collaboration comprised of manufacturers, retailers, processors, distributors, farmers, seed companies and consumers who are concerned with the use of GMOs in food products.

“Many consumers choose hemp for its high quality nutrition,” said Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non–GMO Project. “Now, with Non–GMO Project Verification of all its products, Manitoba Harvest hemp products boast another healthful benefit.”

The Non–GMO Project Verification seal will begin to appear on Manitoba Harvest packaging beginning in late 2011.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils
Founded in 1998, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils is the world’s largest vertically–integrated, farmer owned hemp food manufacturer. Manitoba Harvest is proud to offer award–winning products like Hemp Pro 70® (hemp protein concentrate), Hemp Bliss® Organic Hemp Beverage, shelled hemp seed, and hemp oil. In addition to their own popular brand of hemp foods, Manitoba Harvest supplies many other leading consumer brands with functional hemp food ingredients. For more or

IHA Australia makes application to have hemp food licensed as a human food

April 21, 2011

Letter from IHA Australia: To all people interested in hemp foods

As many of you would be aware Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) are currently considering our A1039 application to have hemp foods licensed as a human food.

The process is complex and involves a number of stages. The scientists at FSANZ have examined the evidence and expressed their opinion that hemp seed is a safe and nutritious food. However, a number of political issues have been raised by certain reactionary elements and their objections need to be addressed, prior to FSANZ producing a position paper which is then taken to the ministerial council.

A consultation paper has been produced and is available on the FSANZ website. The purpose of this email is to attract a large as possible public comment in favour of the application. Attached is a list of those questions posed by FSANZ. Most people are under considerable time pressure. To facilitate the process we have provided sample responses. You can compose your own response, add or subtract from the suggestions or simply add your name to the responses as they are and email to FSANZ at

A vigorous public response will increase the chances of success. This is no time for apathy or complacency. The process could take as little as 30 seconds of your time. Remember that the current government is hanging by a thread, with Abbott and his team of reactionaries only one by-election away from power. If this application is not successful the chance of a successful review would be slim. Send this email address out to all your contacts:

The consultation period ends on 26th April, 2011 and late submissions are not considered, so do it today. In fact, do it NOW.
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Two Manitoba Hempsters Named Champions

April 6, 2011

Congratulations to Anndrea Hermann of Hemp Oil Canada, and Chris Dzisiak of the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co–op who have been named by the Province of Manitoba as Champions of the New Rural Economy program. Here is the info:

Entrepreneurs to Provide New Ideas, Innovation in Agriculture: Struthers

“It is my pleasure to recognize and announce these successful and energetic entrepreneurs who will work with Manitoba’s leaders in business and government so we can network together and come up with new ideas.  Their innovative spirit is at the heart of a vibrant rural economy,” said Struthers. “This is about the future of rural Manitoba and building relationships with business labour and government to discuss challenges and address them to continue to grow our rural economies.”BRANDON, Manitoba, April 21, 2011 – The province has named 12 people to the Champions of the New Rural Economy program which will put the next generation of innovators in rural Manitoba into contact with key business, community and government leaders, announced Agriculture Minister Stan Struthers at the Capturing Opportunities Forum here today.

This program was created following recommendations and advice from the Premier’s Economic Advisory Council and the Agri–food and Rural Development Council.

These champions represent the diversity of rural Manitoba, its geographic regions and industries, said Struthers.

They will focus on four key areas:

  • the green economy,
  • building economic opportunities,
  • improving wellness, and
  • protecting and rehabilitating the environment.