Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA)

The CHTA is a national organization that promotes Canadian hemp and hemp products globally. Established in 2003, the Alliance represents those involved in Canada’s hemp industry. Members include farmers, processors, manufacturers, researchers, entrepreneurs and marketers.

The key functions of the Alliance are to disseminate information, promote the use of nutritional and industrial hemp and coordinate research.

CHTA is governed by a Board of Directors.

Contact Us:

200, 6815 - 8 Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7H7   

Ted Haney, Executive Director                                                          (403) 219-6262   

Michaela Dragon, Office Manager                            (403) 219-6266

Norman Leach, Marketing & Communications

Health Canada - List of Approved Cultivars 2019 

Health Canada: Industrial Hemp Statistics for 2018  

Santé Canada: Statistiques sur la délivrance de licences relatives au chanvre industriel en 2018    


11-28-2019 - Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance: Annual Meeting and National Convention

CHTA’s annual conference had over 490 participants from across Canada and around the world. Read More

08-22-2019 - UPDATE: Import Certificate from COFEPRIS is NOT REQUIRED for Canadian Hemp Seed and Oil Exports             

Mexico's Central Customs Office has recently indicated that, in their view, Canadian hemp seed and oil do not require an import permit from Mexico's Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS). On this basis, a shipment of Canadian hemp seed that was stuck at the Laredo, Texas border was recently released and approved for import into Mexico after being on hold for several weeks. 

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08-05-2019 - Canadian consumers and industry require a more appropriate regulatory environment for CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoids

Today, the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA), and the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) call for improvements to Canadian regulations for a number of CBD-based products.

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USDA announcement about importing Canadian hemp seeds

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Health Canada to extend the validity period of existing licenses to June 30th, 2019

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Hemp Promotion and Research Agency: An Important Step for Canadian Hemp Producers

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BREAKING NEWS: Industrial Hemp - Whole Plant Harvet Approved for 2018 Crop  

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 HC-2017 Stats Report

 Canadian Hemp: A Plant with Opportunity

Since 1998, Canada has grown industrial hemp for seed and for fibre. Canadian farmers and businesses are interested in the growing business of hemp as it realizes its potential to produce healthy food and environmentally friendly products, including paper, textiles, biocomposites and sustainable building materials.

Today Canada’s hemp sector is growing to provide secure supplies of hemp seed and fibre raw materials for domestic and international markets, as well as many processed and conditioned value–added products. Canada’s federal hemp regulations help to create quality, safety and accountability. A supportive scientific research community ensures that essential and necessary research continues ~ critical for any crop.

As a fast–growing annual, hemp is a renewable, reusable and recyclable resource. Changing environments in the world’s business community are helping to turn these green attributes into a valued quality.