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Because hemp is classified taxonomically as Cannabis sativa, Canada’s hemp production is regulated by Health Canada.


To grow hemp or manufacturer hemp products you must have a license. Health Canada's "Industrial Hemp Licensing Application Guide" is located online here.


Producers are only allowed to plant certified seed from Health Canada's List of Approved Cultivars.  There is no “common” seed.  Seed saving and the use of Common Seed are currently NOT allowed under current regulations.


The Canadian hemp industry initially grew varieties that were imported and were of European origin. In recent years, Canadian plant breeding programs have developed a number of high yielding cultivars that are suitable and adapted to a wide range of growing conditions.


Farmers and researchers are working on optimum crop rotations that would give hemp the best yields and promote healthy soil for the future. 


Check out the results of CHTA's ongoing National Hemp Variety Field Trials  and Post Harvest Management research projects.  

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