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Motive Unveils the Kestrel

August 10, 2010

Motive Industries Inc.
By: Angela Velasco

Motive Unveils the Kestrel – Canada’s First Bio–Composite Electric Vehicle Design

Calgary, Alberta – August 10, 2010 – Motive has announced the development of Canada’s first bio–composite bodied electric car. The car, called the Kestrel, will make its full marketing debut during the September EV 2010 VE Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver. The Kestrel is an electric four–passenger compact vehicle, designed and engineered by Motive. The body of the car is made from impact resistant bio–composite materials. Kestrel designer Darren McKeage says, “Electric cars need to be efficient, therefore, the Kestrel design had to be simple (minimized part count) and light weight, while still being unique and eye catching.”

The bio–composite material is made from hemp mats produced by Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) in Edmonton, Alberta, from hemp stock grown in Vegreville, Alberta. Nathan Armstrong, President of Motive says, “We saw a unique opportunity to make significant advancements in the automotive sector, and support the Canadian Auto Sector, by providing sustainable products and opportunities to create new green manufacturing jobs.”

Prototyping and testing will begin on the vehicle later this month. The goal is to achieve the same mechanical properties as glass composites while achieving a reduction in weight. According to Dr. John Wolodko at AITF, bio–composites are becoming more popular due to their low cost and light weight. “Natural materials such as hemp can offer a green and sustainable alternative to conventional fibres used in composites.” Composite materials are currently used in formula one vehicles and many road going vehicles, and have been found to have strength and safety benefits above that of steel.

Motive Industries has designed and engineered the Kestrel for participation in Project Eve, and entirely Canadian initiative with the goal of furthering the production of electric vehicles and electrci vehicle components in Canada. A full announcement about Project Eve will be made during the Vancouver EV 2010 VE Conference and Trade Show in September.

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Motive is a full vehicle development firm focused on advanced materials, technology and innovation to create real-world transportation solutions. Our unique blend of design capabilities and industry experience has allowed us to create processes which accelerate project cycles, reduce cost and decrease time to market. Our focus on advanced materials and manufacturing technologies keeps us at the cutting edge of vehicle design and engineering.

Manitoba Harvest fan, Cassandra Forsythe, explains good fats, carbs & protein

April 21, 2010

Manitoba Harvest fan Cassandra Forsythe – Ph.D., R.D and certified sports nutritionist, coaches Connecticut-based Biggest Loser participants.

Province supports one–of–a–kind hemp–processing plant

April 6, 2010

WINNIPEG – The province is putting up $500,000 to help an industrial hemp processing plant at Gilbert Plains, 340 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg.

Plains Industrial Hemp Processing currently manufactures several hemp–based products such as hemp pellets, animal bedding and insulation.

“This hemp processing project is a first of its kind in Canada and we are proud that it will be located here in Manitoba,” said Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Stan Struthers in a release.

Provincial funding from the Rural Economic Development Initiative will help build a hemp fibre processing facility capable of processing 18,000 tonnes of hemp per year.